3D Print Review: The CryptoCloaks Coldcard Case

(Last Updated on February 18, 2022)

CryptoCloaks review for 3D printing Bitcoin goodies and node shells
Files are shared FREE for the Bitcoin community

Download this file for free at CryptoCloaks.com – File factory.

The file factory is a hidden treasure of .stl and .obj files for the Bitcoin lover and 3D printing enthusiast. Hodlnauts, cookie cutters, drink coasters, and Raspberry Pi shells – they continue adding neat designs completely free for us nerds. Of course they have also have their own products for sale, like node shells and Bitcoin grenades that are freakin’ amazing, so check all that stuff out as well.

Over the past year CryptoCloaks has published a few Coinkite specific file drops including this well made Coldcard case. When they post up a new 3D printed design, you know it will be thought out and skillfully designed.

Coinkite fans have been stoked on the added 3D print goodies.

The file itself is virus free and engineered for a simple, clean, printing experience coming off any slicer app.

PLA or PLA+, ABS, and PTEG will work well for this project and design type. I would *assume* it could be done in other available flexible materials. But at this time I do not have any of those alternative plastics and could not confirm, so we’ll be sticking with the basics for now.

PLA is the cheapest, most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly as it’s made of sugarcane and completely biodegradable.

ABS or PETG may add more physical protection due to the increased material strength but will be more difficult to print and takes additional equipment such as special application nozzles, 4 side enclosures, custom beds, etc.

What is a Coldcard hardware wallet?

Coldcard is one of the most secure hardware wallets in the world and is produced by Coinkite.com. Easily ranks in the top three for Bitcoin security devices globally and they will ship to your house for under $200.

Highly recommend them and their other cypherpunk devices like the Opendime stick. Opendimes can be used as ‘physical’ Bitcoin to exchange or trade in day to day transactions.

The Coldcard also has cool geeky operability to be air-gapped, uses PSBTs or partially signed blockchain transactions, and more.

They are steadily leading the way with inter-operability between various functionality of the blockchain and wallets. This is a nice plus because although the core ‘concepts’ of Bitcoin never change – the blockchain will always be updated for security as technology advances.

You don’t need to know any of that to set one up – it is as easy as plug n’ play.

Why 3D Print a case?

Setting up the Creality slicer for the 3D printed Coldcard case

The 3D printed case does offer protection for the electronics from drops and other light physical damage. But don’t expect it to survive getting ran over by a truck tire or something ridiculous. You could try making the shell thicker and add width for a wider lip and more protection.

Make as many as you want due to PLA being extremely cost effective to print yourself.

Feel free to add graphics onto the outside of the case. I printed mine in Bitcoin gold so it is stylish while promoting the digital gold thing… or just because I had some extra around.

TinkerCAD is a great free tool to add/edit/change designs in .stl or .obj

TinkerCAD works well as an editor for the case

TinkerCAD is an excellent tool for beginners to start editing, creating, and shaping their own designs for 3D printing. This online tool has been a great resource when I’ve had to resize shapes or change specific areas for strength or fitment. Free files are a wonderful resource but a lot of the time they are not *exactly* designed for your project yet the file is close enough that with a few minor tweaks you can make it happen.

Printer Settings:

My Coldcard 3D printed case settings and temperatures

I do recommend adding a support type depending on what kind of printer you are using. You do not need a touching buildplate like I used in the test below – just a simple raft support under the base will work perfectly. Creality or any of the entry level 3D printers will do fine on this simple project.

Material = PLA

Print Speed = 80mm/s

Nozzle Temp = 220* Celsius

Bed Temp = 60* Celsius

Fill Density = 99%

Support Type = Only a raft needed for the base

$18.99 for Inland PLA in Gold – Good consistency for 3D prints

Premium PLA from Micro Center is the best

You can use hairspray or an Elmer’s glue-stick to help your prints stay put

Hairspray will help form a strong base for prints
Vertical printing is the cleanest

I used touching build plate supports to ensure a clean print but it wasn’t needed

Touching build plates for the base and nothing else

The full touching build plate supports were not necessary and may have actually increased the rough leftover material on the front edges of the case. It might be best to print on a slower setting with only a raft for support and keep the face of the case cleaner.

High speed print results are super strong

A few minutes of sanding or light filing will smooth and clean up these front edges of the PLA plastic. This print only took an hour and a half on the fastest speed settings – if you slowed down the print you would get a bit higher finish quality.

The strength and utility of the case is really nice and solid. Nothing but good things to say about the accuracy of the design as it fits the Coldcard perfectly on the first attempt to snap it in.

There’s definitely enough PLA material on the outside to act as a light crash and physical barrier to further protect your device.

-> Snug protection fitment surrounding the Coldcard hardware wallet

-> Access holes for USB and Micro-SD are well fitted with plenty of room/no pinching

-> Edges and lip of case protrude enough to protect surfaces of wallet

The case snaps on easily and provides some extra physical protection!

USB and SD card access holes lineup well and access is not hindered

Love the look - super clean and in Bitcoin yellow

Rating = 4 out of 5

This 3D print file has good utility and quality fitment – looks great and the case will help protect against light physical damage

HodlNerd Test Print Summary:

-> Less than a two hour long print and a $1 in PLA materials

-> Difficulty level low and all PLA enabled printers should complete without any issues

-> Impressed with how well the print fits the hardware device, snug, but no cracking or scratching taking it on or off

-> All the file factory files are free.

We are certainly grateful that the team at CryptoCloaks continues to add value and deliver FREE files for the 3D print and Bitcoin community. Continuing to inspire creativity and more engagement with crypto enthusiasts across the world wide web.

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