A Review of the Strike App from Zap

(Last Updated on February 7, 2021)

Pay yourself with Bitcoin directly, no middleman, no exchanges, straight dirty fiat to clean satoshis!

Jack Mallers (@jackmallers) is upholding the true principles of Bitcoin – honesty, transparency, and empowering the individual.

Pay attention to Bitcoin applications developed by Bitcoiners.

Anyone in the world that wishes to send “fiat based wealth” to any other individual can now, in just minutes or seconds even, transfer that wealth from their nations fiat currency through the Bitcoin Lightning network and out to the fiat currency of the recipient.

So what does it do exactly?

An FDIC insured mobile bank in your pocket that you can legally deposit or withdrawal into from your FDIC insured bank then send or request payments through the Bitcoin Lightning Network from anywhere in the world.

Strike = ACH + Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

ACH, automated clearing house payment transaction system resides primarily in the United States and is used for domestic transfers of money. That being said, ACH handles over $50 trillion dollars in transactions per year – the vast majority of individuals with a bank account have access to ACH and other national banking systems in their country.

Senders national fiat currency -> Bitcoin Lightning network -> recipients national fiat currency

Strike will take your currency (by debit card or bank account) send it through the Bitcoin blockchain (using lightning network) and pay the recipient.

Two payment options are available:

a) Scan a QR code or paste a wallet transaction ID to pay with bitcoin directly and only pay on-chain fees

b) Send directly to another Strike user to receive in their own national currency and only pay on-chain fees.


It’s free.

Pay only the on-chain fees from the Bitcoin blockchain which are used to secure the network peer to peer.

Which currently would cost me $2.46 to send any amount I want..

Currently there are millions of USD moving through the app during the beta.

Who can use it?


The bitcoin network does not discriminate or limit access to any human – all have access to this monetary tool.

How fast is it?

Take a look at a recent post from @jackmallers where he sends $10 US Dollars to his buddy in Ireland who receives it as EUR!

This is going to revolutionize the speed and open access to digitalization of wealth around the world.

Basically having a “Bitcoin enabled” bank in your pocket. And I wouldn’t store all of my wealth in my pocket.. but you can instantly transfer up to $1,000 for a payment to be made today. That amount is probably more than the general population is holding on hand to cover an “out of pocket” expense on any given day.

To me this application is the perfect blend of simplicity and power – smart, ergonomic user interface with a KYC system that allows instant user access for micro transactions.

Do you need to send $20 in Bitcoin for some art? Or maybe web design?

Send $100 or $1000 to a relative instantly.

You don’t have a wallet or an exchange account to send or receive from?

Fastest, safest answer = Strike App.

Zap Solutions, Inc. are the developers of the Strike application which is currently in beta. The beta is to gather community help in finding and solving any final issues or kinks. So far the beta has purchased over $1,000,000 of satoshis and many, many transactions to go along with them.

It brings confidence when you see Zap allowing Jack to build this product aligned to the true principles of Satoshi’s white paper. Plenty of social media and blog content regarding how Jack sees Bitcoin and looks to grow the industry. I would advise anyone to follow him on Twitter atleast!

Certainly made it a whole lot easier for myself to “trust” his new mobile payment processing platform.

Strike reinforces the following Bitcoiner beliefs:

  1. “Not your keys, not your coins!” – Custodial wallets and exchanges can get hacked, fail, or just flat out exit scam you and take your coins..
  2. Access for all – no credit checks, censorship, member fees or special groups
  3. Pay whoever you want.
  4. Utilizes lightning – faster transactions that occur on the lightning sidechain protocol and help speed up the BTC network

That is exactly what the Strike App does – empower individuals to utilize the Bitcoin Lightning network directly from their bank account or a debit card. Helping ensure all individuals have access to purchase satoshis directly from the BTC network without any hindrance and friction that traditional banks have. And all of this is accomplished through computer code and a small device that is the size of your hand.

Currently available for IOS, Chrome, and Android platforms.

No extra fees. No BS. No sales pitch. No wallet needed.

Why else is Strike different?

  • Non-custodial – Strike is not a wallet and will not hold Bitcoin on your behalf
  • Going global with Bittrex – opening up access to over 200+ national fiat currencies to directly convert into satoshis as you pay a wallet address
  • Borderless – open monetary transfer for all people, no borders, banks, or accounts needed on the Bitcoin network
  • Free to use – pay on-chain transaction fees only
  • Limited KYC for deposits less than $1000
  • Utilizes lightning – highly complex blockchain protocol integrated in a stupid simple format for ease of use
  • Recipient can receive their nation’s fiat currency or Bitcoin

Strike is extremely streamlined and easy to use for the new Bitcoin user.

Open the app -> Scan a QR code -> Enter amount and done.

And, it’s using the more technically difficult and advanced lightning network.

Smoothly and effortlessly on-boarding BTC beginners to the best network, quickest speeds, and helping further secure the bitcoin blockchain.

What are the “Know Your Customer” limits?

For most individuals it will be as easy as setting up an account through their email, name, and phone number. Definitely the most fair principled KYC app I’ve seen – allowing access to $1,000 in transactions before Tier 2 KYC.

You can send up to $1,000 in Bitcoin WITHOUT fees by just entering your name, phone number, and email.

Excellent flexibility for our booming digital economy where microtransactions, often for “micro jobs”, are becoming ever popular online. Bitcoin crosses borders, surpasses governments, and helps spread financial freedom. We need more digital applications that provide digital assets to the people without controlling regulations and hindering politics.

If you do decide to surpass the $1,000 U.S. dollar limit than you will need to give more details, such as a postal address, birth date, social security number and drivers license or another accepted form of identification.

Again, the Tier 2 KYC can be accomplished in just a few minutes from any smartphone.

No contracts. No lengthy sign ups, phone calls, and waiting lines at your local bank.

How to purchase Bitcoin with the Strike App?

  1. Download the Strike app
  2. Fill out name, phone number, and email (only need further information if you go past $1,000 limit)
  3. Setup bank account or debit card to transfer fiat funds
  4. Withdrawal from bank
  5. Open your Bitcoin wallet
  6. Pay directly to the QR code for your wallet address
  7. Lightning transaction goes through paying only onchain transaction fees
Scan and pay yourself directly to your wallets QR code
$2.75 fee to transfer BTC to anyone in the world instantly

Stack sats directly to your hardware wallet in cold storage!

Dollar cost averaging

Low time preference = large returns on consistent, small purchases regardless of price volatility at purchasing times

Exchange that dirty fiat for clean, beautiful satoshis

Want to be successful in crypto investing?

Learn to HODL and continue dollar cost averaging as prices dip. If you feel there is significant opportunity at serious lows, put some bigger investments in. Try to time the market? Get liquidated like 99% of the cryptocurrency traders who use margin and leverage trade.

99% of us are not pro traders.

Most of us are not even profitable traders.

Dollar cost averaging regularly is the best method for successful, long-term investing in BTC.

New Bitcoin debit card competitor for Fold is coming..

I’m looking forward to seeing what the new Strike debit card will hold as it will be a directly competitor for the Fold Bitcoin debit card.

Assuming it will be a cash back and rewards card is a lot more appealing to me than getting fiat back, especially looking forward into possible high inflation and money printing over the next decades.

With both cards being Visa based and sharing similar ideas – it may fall to personal preference between the two cards. Right now I’d be looking to support Jack in his quest to ensure Bitcoiner philosophies are upheld!

Strike partners up with Bittrex Global to bring access to over 200+ countries around the world!

Update as of January 8th, 2021

New partnership with Bittrex adds a massive userbase directly to Strike

Follow the man himself for more insights and upcoming releases

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