About HodlNerd

A pseudonymous blogger who was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2011 when stumbling upon the BitcoinTalk forums and Reddit groups. I was stubborn and dismissed Bitcoin as being silly and made of thin air after only the lightest of research into it. I could not see past my ego as I “knew better” being a young fool just graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Macroeconomics.

A year or so after that, with prices launching to exponential heights (like $100 at the time..) I had to revisit and see what I had missed before. Returning to the BitcoinTalk forums I was pointed towards Satoshi’s white paper and a few other posts.

Orange pilled.

The theory behind Bitcoin and empowering the individual for financial sovereignty was striking to me only a few years later. But after spending that time working in finance and seeing all of the gray areas we operate in that help corporations with tax incentives but crush the individual under heavy tax burdens. It was obvious that this system is crushing and stifling individual growth and wealth over time.

Stealing time and value from our hard work.

Renting, paying off school loans, bills, and such, I couldn’t make any huge investment into Bitcoin thinking the price was already quite high at the time.. Idiot, looking back I should have spent every penny I could on purchasing Bitcoin but living paycheck to paycheck makes you conservative and I wanted to save any few extra dollars possible.

So I utilized the small extra funds I had and the technical knowledge I was equipped with to jump into cryptocurrency mining.

In 2013 I got started in GPU mining of Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies which has become a hobby and passion of mine to this day. It is a perfect blend of tech and geekiness with economics, computer hardware, and trading.

I’ve been watching on the sidelines for the past decade as Bitcoin has grown and evolved into the global asset it is today. During this time I continued grinding away at my 9-5 job working in accounting and focusing on family time.

The COVID-19 crisis changed all of that and soon I found myself jobless and locked down during a world wide pandemic.

This blog is a product from that change and has developed into one of my favorite side projects. Sharing my passions with the world.