removes Satoshi’s “White Paper” due to Legal Threats from Craig Wright

(Last Updated on January 21, 2021)

A lot of Bitcoin maximalists are upset by the fact has removed the infamous, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” from their site.

This being the OFFICIAL Bitcoin Core development site – giving any sort of “power” to Craig Wright (a proven scammer and POS) is bad precedent. The Bitcoin community has grown extremely tired of this FUD and are not a fan of Craig Wright with his lies about claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

CSW Legal threat screenshots from @CobraBitcoin

Craig peddling his usual lies of being “the individual behind the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ and is the creator of Bitcoin.”

“The website is however, wrongly controlled by you, and our client no longer consents to its publication of the White Paper. The purpose of this letter is to give you notice that Dr. Wright requires you to stop making the White Paper available, and to give an undertaking not to do so in the future”

You would think his exaggerated claims of being Satoshi and authoring the White Paper would be enough..

But oh no.. Craig and his lawyers do not stop there.

“We should add that our client, and others associated with him, have further rights relation to the Bitcoin technology and the Bitcoin name, including ownership of the domain which you currently control. It is their firm intention to enforce such rights in due course.”

The balls on this guy..

Looks like we have a lot more battling ahead with Craig Wright and his scams from the U.K. It’ll be a high legal cost for anyone that is taking to court in relation to this nonsense.

You could see why leaving the white paper up could be leaving a hole for an attack on a centralized figure such as CobraBitcoin or a developer involved.

These may be needed choices to uphold genuine decentralization in Bitcoin development

The dislike for CSW aside, I certainly understand the viewpoints taken by one of the lead devs –

I understand the concern of maximalists but also take empathy and consideration to the developer’s point of view on increased centralization and that this is not a hill to die on.. or lose funding and get tied up in legal fights over.

This thing is about decentralization and distributed systems, not personal macho posturing, I have no interest in that and definitely don’t get paid enough to do so.

And he brings up excellent points on developers, such as himself, being points of centralization to attack.

-> Orion is one of the main developers and has merged/signed 24% of the code commits last year.

That’s 1/4th of all code maintenance was completed or confirmed by 1 developer – and he isn’t even the most active!

So there is a small community of developers who are contributing, but also authorizing/signing on code additions that could be attacked. Legal, personal, physical, financial, any sort of attack can be used against points of centralization – people or companies.

Bitcoin needs to keep the code open source and fully decentralized to ensure the integrity of its code moving forward. developer – OrionWL explains his reasoning to remove whitepaper


-> Satoshi’s whitepaper is already hosted all around the web i.e. at the Nakamoto Institute

-> Focus is on keeping genuine decentralization

-> Developers need to be free to write and add code as a contributor to open source and decentralized code, not wage legal battles

What are’s plans to improve decentralization in Bitcoin code development?

-> Decentralize distribution by transferring to a public organization – long run move away from website’s as a distribution tool completely.

-> Decentralize the release process, and release signing – delegate more, increase access for other maintainers and rename the GPG key to remove Orion’s personal title. Same for Windows/MacOS

-> Decentralize the development hub – GitHub is primarily platform at this time and may need to be moved off to a P2P distributed code collaboration platform like Radicle.

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