Gary Gensler concerned with decentralization of Bitcoin and illicit use, consumer protection coming for DeFi, ICOs, and altcoins

It is definitely unclear if the future will end up promoting the decentralization and financial self sovereignty in Bitcoin out of necessity. Right now we expect to see Bitcoin continue to be treated as property and uphold its genuine decentralization.

But it is clear that new regulation is coming for ETH, DeFi, and the altcoin armies targeting scams, frauds, and rug pulls galore!

How Bitcoin Miners Set the Price Floor in 2021

Bitcoin miners have set the price floor for the market traditionally. I’ve always calculated this as a combination of national energy costs where mining is most prevalent and mining equipment purchases.

This has always given me confidence when buying during the bear market lows and helps give a foundation to prices historically.

But now, we are seeing adoption of Bitcoin for the fundamental utilities such as a store of value against inflation, government corruption, and censorship.

That is the unknown value added onto that mining floor price.

bitclout scam

Is Bitclout a scam? Probably..

Bitclout is another presale junk token scam riding the NFT hype wave.

Tons of mainstream crypto investors bought tokens for dirt cheap and are going to dump on all the newbies for 100x gains..

Based on nothing.. No proper smart contracts, no value backed in ETH, Bitcoin, or even tether.

It’s a scam.

Federal Reserve elects Pro-Bitcoin Sunayna Tuteja to Chief Innovation Officer!

Bitcoiners are rejoicing to see Sunayna Tuteja elected to Chief Innovation Officer at the United States Federal Reserve.

Not just a win for Bitcoiners, but great to see more women making big moves in our Federal Reserve. The Fed is modernizing quickly and we are all very interested to see how this evolution in employees may bring evolution of monetary policies in the future.

She is very knowledgeable about digital assets in general.

Bitcoin Market Cap Hits $1 Trillion in Historic Moment

Bitcoin has established itself as a globally recognized asset and is not going anywhere – but up.

This decentralized, “proof of work” powered cryptographically encrypted time storing chain of unique computer code is achieving goals faster and well beyond the scope of any human’s expectations, even those of Satoshi Nakamoto. There are very few individuals before 2008 who could even imagine Bitcoin’s true potential as a new modern monetary tool.

Bitcoin 101: Not your keys, not your coins!

Bitcoin is freedom and financial empowerment for the unbanked who have never had access to basic traditional financial banking infrastructure. If you have basic internet and a device as simple as a Raspberry Pi – you can access Bitcoin networks online.

It doesn’t even take a cell phone, as numerous studies have shown Bitcoin transactions can be sent and confirmed over something as simple as radio waves!

Michael Saylor keeps Buying Bitcoin while Everyone Talks about WallStreetBets

Peter Schiff is a dying breed of old school, apocalypse toting, gold bugs that are losing their minds at the continued success of Bitcoin. Gold does have a solid set of fundamentals behind it – but the world has evolved beyond gold and it’s utility to survive in a digital age is growing slim.

Michael Saylor has found ridiculous success in his business career by staying ahead of the curve.

There is no one with a stronger track record at investing during the proper times when it comes to technology product cycles and economic effects.