How To

What is a Yat?

Emoji based URLs.

Throughout the world people of all nationalities, cultures, and languages, communicate on smartphones with emojis.

Yats are a new and unique way to establish a digital reputation. Host all of your NFT art collection or setup a re-direct to your companies website.

The Basics of Uniswap: What is it and Why use a DEX?

Trust in code, not people.

Uniswap is a ERC20 based DEX, or decentralized exchange, that operates in parallel with the massive infrastructure of existing ERC20 cryptocurrency and DeFi projects today.

This grants users instant access and full interoperability between ERC20 tokens for swaps, smart contracts, and instant settlements for users while greatly reducing onboarding friction and fees.

A Review of the Strike App from Zap

Fiat to Bitcoin instantly, no fees, non-custodial satoshis directly to your cold wallet through the lightning network.

Stupid simple and fast – Bittrex is helping enable Strike in over 200 countries this year. Fiat to fiat has never been faster and cheaper anywhere in the world.