Embracing Bitcoiner Culture through Art with Coldie

(Last Updated on January 9, 2021)

Proof of work – mining concept

Coldie is one of the earlier originators of digital Bitcoin art in my eyes.

I’ve always appreciated his ability to reflect Bitcoin culture in his digital pieces and strike at the emotions behind those moments.

When Warren Buffet, the most legendary investor in the U.S., called Bitcoin “Rat poison squared” it had a huge emotional effect on many cryptocurrency investors who also had a TON of respect for Buffet and also participate in the traditional markets as well.

Those are moments that define the evolution of our new digital age with Bitcoin.

His NFTs are possessed with the crypto spirit of tech, strangeness, and vivid beliefs that echo against the traditional finance world.

His early pieces on miners to the recent pieces on Edward Snowden are great examples of our ingrained beliefs that surround financial and personal freedom. This is what drew me to his artwork originally.

The “Decentral-Eyes” Project

‘Decentral Eyes’ takes aim at the faces of the people inside the blockchain space who are making an impact to the culture and technology of decentralization.

Being a visual artist, I am compelled to participate in this emerging technology in the only way I know how. Art. Influenced by pop art, comic books, and dada art, I foraged my way into uncharted waters creating decentralized portraits. Collaging 10+ images sourced online into a new portrait, I took this assemblage to the next level by rendering it in stereoscopic 3D.

If you have red/blue 3D glasses, put them on and check out the effect. This was the first 3D iteration that led to the lenticular 3D (no glasses needed) version.Having spent 10+ years experimenting, learning, experimenting, and learning about how stereoscopic 3D works best. The experimental nature of this series is very freeing as well as technically challenging which is a combination I always look for when creating.

The video introduces this project and a little bit about why and how I began it. Upcoming installments will continue the conversation about how and why I am approaching this series the way I am.

One of my favorite art collections of any Bitcoiner to date is the vibrant explosion of these major icons who have participated, for better or worse, in Bitcoin’s history.

From Warren Buffet’s “Bitcoin is rat poison squared” comment to Edward Snowden our “CIA whistleblower who has shown the world that all governments are heavily spying on their citizens”..

Buffet, Andreas, and Vitalik

Specifically designed to perform with 3D glasses on – so checkout the actual NFT artwork on his site or at SuperRare

Before NFT’s came on the scene, artists like him were pushing the digital media envelope by distributing strong imagery reflecting the Bitcoiner ideology.

Plenty of this digital art swirled throughout the internet, not too far away from the power or delivery of a meme, but much more difficult to produce and master.

Coldie was one of the artists who helped build the framework for the heavily hyped “non-fungible token” art we see selling for many Ethereum today.

As the NFT scene exploded, Coldie’s work has become highly valued and desired by collectors through the crypto art space.

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