Federal Reserve elects Pro-Bitcoin Sunayna Tuteja to Chief Innovation Officer!

(Last Updated on February 27, 2021)

Bitcoiners are rejoicing to see Sunayna Tuteja elected to Chief Innovation Officer at the United States Federal Reserve.

Not just a win for Bitcoiners, but great to see more women making big moves in our Federal Reserve. The Fed is modernizing quickly and we are all very interested to see how this evolution in employees may bring evolution of monetary policies in the future.

Rest assured that she has a deep and positive understanding of Bitcoin and other digital assets after spending years grinding the corporate ladder to make Managing Director of Digital Assets at TD.

She is the first modern, pro-Bitcoin, woman to enter the Federal Reserve holding technical and economic wisdom years beyond her predecessors when it comes to digital assets in America.

And she HODLs Bitcoin herself!

Sunayna was the Director of Digital Assets & DLT (Blockchain, Crypto) at TD Ameritrade

LinkedIN shows her meteoric rise to Director of Digital Assets!

Sunayna rose to the top at TD Ameritrade to become the leader of their digital asset programs which have expanded massively these past 5 years. TD Ameritrade has been forward thinking in their approach to digital assets and have been early to help improve digital asset availability for major financial institutions in the United States. This has been the inclusion of CME futures to their trading platforms early on compared to other older traditional banking groups.

TD Ameritrade was an early adopter of the Grayscale Digital Asset Fund

I think this election to the Federal Reserve establishes a forward thinking inclusion of digital assets with current financial frameworks for parallel growth and success in this country. It’s too late to try and “ban” Bitcoin – it would only be at the countries severe detriment to do this.

We would lose massive business and possible world influence by allowing other countries to take dominant positions in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

This is a huge positive influence for future digital assets in this country as we know she is well versed in cryptocurrencies and their regulation. She realizes what makes digital assets so successful and is learning to work alongside these growing platforms instead of trying to subdue them with cumbersome and failing legislation.

#Bitcoin positive Tweets from December 16th, 2020

Thing I admire most about the #Bitcoin community is resilience.

Sheer amount of shade & schadenfreude directed at bitcoin and the community over the years is enough to make anyone curl up into a ball.

Yet like #Bitcoin, this is a community that keeps bouncing back every time they are written off. and bounce back stronger, having been stress tested in ways expected and unexpected.

I am sure there are many a twists and turns yet to come that we’ll have to suit up and slay… but for today, take a moment and enjoy the power of this movement. #Happy20K #Bitcoin

She’s a HODLER!

One of us! One of us!

Yes, not only does she understand and believe in the technology, she is a Bitcoin hodler herself as you can see from the Tweet above. Years and years of building a career in digital assets confirms the fact that not only is she highly knowledgeable about the technical aspects, but the social and economic impacts of digital finance as well.

DeFi and ICOs are not a foreign concept for her. She knows them well from scams to legitimate projects trying to build something new. They’ll have an entire new specialized and grounded view on what IS fraud and scammers, to what IS decentralized finance and unstoppable computer code..

She’s got skin in the game and is realizing quickly how much the world needs decentralized assets.

Only time will tell how this will shape our future as Bitcoiners.

Could the Federal Reserve take a “pro-bitcoin” stance?

Even adopt Bitcoin as a part of the Fed’s asset reserve strategy?!

-> How does her election to the Fed help shape future Bitcoin Policy?

-> Will they adopt Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset and complement to gold of some sort?

-> How will they regulate it moving forward as this market cap overtakes Gold?

Of course, Sunayna will still be working with long time dinosaurs like Janet Yellen and policy changes take time.

But in this time of severe crisis – severe measures are needed and the younger, modern generation of economists who have a solid grasp of digital assets might bring the wisdom we need.

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