Jack Dorsey’s New Blog To Defeat “False Myths in Bitcoin”

(Last Updated on March 18, 2021)

BitcoinMythology.org tackles lies and false news surrounding Bitcoin

The story is everything.

Stunning unique imagery partners the mythical storytelling style

The new blog by Jack Dorsey and the team at Square Inc. is focused on adding value to the digital asset community by tackling a lot of the misinformation on the web surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Volume 1 – Bitcoin Mining

Volume 2 – Bitcoin and Security

Volume 3/4/5/? – Unknown

Not sure what topics future volumes will be but it is fairly certain that they will continue approaching complex issues in a summarize blog for the masses. Simple, quick summaries to rebut against the most common “FUD” articles that constantly attack the Bitcoin community. Jack and his squad are well aware of the ADHD, no patience, new investor audience they are trying to reach out too.

Beautiful artwork accompanies the storytelling and mythological ethos.

Top tier artists joining quality wordsmiths to bring forth the story about computer code changing the financial future of man.

Bitcoin has a DEEP history which is well worth exploring and brings a cultural, ‘cypherpunk’, feel to any newcomers. While only existing for a little over a decade it has been a complex and difficult journey with many hiccups and side stories. Once you learn our shared history of human economics and longstanding nation states it is clear to see why financial sovereignty is so important. Happy to have a longtime participant and social media superstar at the helm of destroy the misinformation and lies surrounding Bitcoin’s journey.

Their storytelling approach is perfect for explaining contentious issues in a playful way.

“Bitcoin consumes much more energy than conventional currencies.”

The truth about government-issued currencies is that they aren’t backed by much more than a promise. And when they are, the things that support them are militaries, police forces, arcane legal systems, unaccountable banks, and mints they can fire up at will.

All of these things consume vast amounts of energy—and it’s rarely green. When bitcoin becomes the planet’s preferred currency, it will come at the expense of fiat-dependent systems like these. And once they’re gone, like real fairies, you’ll probably never see them again.

Storytelling facts about the history of corrupt Government fiat currencies

Not a bad way to try and educate those who are unwilling to take the time or effort to look themselves.

They are going to take on big concepts in small steps. Short and to the point, small paragraphs and a single photo that try to encapsulate as much visual and conceptual knowledge at once.

Jack Dorsey is utilizing his influence to help educate new Bitcoiners

“Fee-fi-fo-fum. Bitcoin miners don’t utilize green energy, son.”

They’re big. They’re green. And they’re right to be concerned about where bitcoin miners get their electricity. But bitcoin is greener than they (and most people) realize.

To stay competitive, bitcoin miners must seek out abundant and inexpensive forms of energy. And there’s no energy source more abundant or affordable than green energy, meaning that any miner who wants to profit—whether they care about the environment or not—has to help squash bitcoin’s carbon footprint. Far out, man.

The first chapter is focused answering a lot of the misinformation swirling around the web and television media regarding Bitcoin Mining.

-> Why it can be used to save the environment by incentivizing and providing energy companies a way to utilize wasted, excess energy through Bitcoin mining which can actually scrub emissions and reuse these currently wasted resources.

-> How scaling for continued Bitcoin growth does not have any energy requirements beyond network security.

-> How demand and supply works for miners throughout the world and the evolution of ever improving technology.

Jack Dorsey has been a major supporter of Bitcoin over the years and while many of us realize his hands are somewhat tied in what he can accomplish at Twitter… We do know that he has been struggling to find more avenues to support Bitcoin’s growth and education around the world. Specifically he has been very active in crypto startups and the digital entrepreneur community in Africa. Sending billions of dollars and hundreds, maybe thousands, of Bitcoin to various charities or start-ups.

This is an excellent route to add more value to our Bitcoin community and vastly increase the awareness regarding controversial facts.