Jack Mallers and Strike Go GLOBAL with Bittrex!

(Last Updated on January 9, 2021)

2020 was an amazing year for Jack Mallers and the entire Strike App team but it looks like 2021 might be EVEN better!

Now hearing that Bittrex is partnered with Strike is HUGE.

This will allow Strike quick and trusted access to over 200 countries!

No forex fees. No deposit and withdrawal fees. No long waits for ACH to clear.

A million reasons come to mind for why this is going to absolutely destroy traditional “bank wire” methods of payment and quickly eat away at the mobile apps that dominate today like PayPal and Square.

Exchange payments globally through the lightning network 24/7/365.

All major fiat currencies will be included and all Bittrex users can onboard instantly with their current accounts.

Bittrex is bringing a ton of security and experience to the new Strike team as one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the United States,. They have an excellent record in the cryptocurrency space as a secure and time proven exchange based in Seattle, Washington.

Onboarding access to Bitcoin payments utilizing the lightning network has never been easier than with the Strike app. Being truly the first mobile application to bring FDIC insured U.S. banking into your pocket that operates directly on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Strike = ACH + Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Out competing swift, PayPal, CashApp, Square, and other traditional monetary solutions. He believes it outcompetes in identity per transaction, transparency on the blockchain, payment specializations, final clearance and cash finality.

This offers a fully decentralized, government and censorship resistant payment processor.

Anyone in the world that wishes to send “fiat based wealth” to any other individual can now, in just minutes or seconds even, transfer that wealth from their nations fiat currency through the Bitcoin Lightning network and out to the fiat currency of the recipient.

Senders national fiat currency -> Bitcoin Lightning network -> recipients national fiat currency



Each transfer will only incur the standard on-chain fees off the Bitcoin blockchain.

Which currently would cost me $2.46 to send any amount I want..

This is going to revolutionize the speed, equality, and further financial sovereignty for the individual.

Listen in on Jack talking with Peter McCormack on the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast from today.

“Bitcoin native neobank in your pocket that’s built directly on top of these new monetary networks known as Bitcoin and the Lightning network. We can achieve frankly anything cheaper faster, inherently global than anyone else. And it’s very important that its an open network which gives us an unbelievable competitive advantage.”

Jack Mallers CEO Strike App

No BS, no middleman, no games.

This is why Strike is going to take the world by storm.