Janet Yellen to Expand Dollar Printing and Push Bitcoin to Massive All Time Highs in 2021

(Last Updated on January 10, 2021)


The greatest threat facing America today is the disastrous fiscal policies of our own government, marked by shameless deficit spending and Federal Reserve currency devaluation.

It is this one-two punch – Congress spending more than it can tax or borrow, and the Fed printing money to make up the difference – that threatens to impoverish us by further destroying the value of our dollars.

– Ron Paul

The COVID-19 pandemic has created greater opportunities for change in the U.S. financial and social systems than ever before.

And the money has been getting PRINTED BRRRRR BRR BRR BRRRRRR…

With over 21% of the Global M1 US Dollar supply being printed in 2020!!

And you think they are going to stop printing? HA!

Why are a lot of high level institutional funds and corporations DIVING into Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation?

They see the writing on the wall with numerous interviews from the Fed, the current administration AND the incoming administration planning to continue printing dollars to “save” the economy.

How these crisis opportunities will be managed is what creates the most fear and risk to investors.

The current change in economic and social philosophy that is being ushered in through the Biden administration will be especially dangerous to our dollars value and current way of life.

This printing has included:

  • Small % of total relief bills have gone directly to taxpayers and those in need
  • PPP program is primarily serving “small business” with OVER 500+ employees
  • Small business, mom and pop shops have received little to no help
  • Massive % of bills have funded buying bonds and treasuries that are nearing zero to negative yields..
  • Small % of total relief bills have gone directly to foreign countries with no relation to the COVID crisis at all

Who is in charge of the COVID-19 economic response?

– The Federal Reserve at the hands of the US Treasury and Congress.

Secretary of the Treasury leads the way with the Federal Reserve in establishing policy, which currently that is?

– Steven Mnuchin a.k.a. the money printer extraordinaire

Steve Mnuchin and his wife GLOATING about the U.S. Dollar and “how rich they are?”

And his replacement under Biden…

– Janet Yellen.

A terribly short generalization of Janet Yellen.

First, much respect to the first female to hold position of Chair of the Federal Reserve. (no doubt badass.. but doesn’t make her policy any better)

She was appointed Chair by Barack Obama in 2014 and served the remainder of the term through 2018.

How did she get there?

Growing up in New York, Janet went through the ivy league system and then landed into a faculty position at UC Berkeley. This immediately aligned Janet with many commonly coined “San Francisco democrats” through her journey to power. California has seen a San Francisco family dominate their politics over the past few decades with Governor Jerry Brown, Senate Leader Nancy Pelosi, and current Governor Gavin Newsom.

She quickly used those connections to transition from UC Berkeley into her climbing the ranks of the Federal Reserve bank of San Francisco.


UC Berkeley has produced some of the most radical, socialist thinking in all of America. Entitled white kids who are so disconnected with reality and our human history that communism and socialism has exploded there in the past few decades.

I’m not saying she’s a socialist…well maybe, but that is yet to be seen.

But I am saying her policies are those of “modern monetary theory” and will take us down the path of mass money printing in the name of “equality” and “social welfare”.

Instead the disparity between poor and the elite in this country will VASTLY widen.

The dollar will get crushed and the 46% of Americans who hold NO inflation protecting assets will be hammered into much lower income and poverty levels.

The disconnect is simple.

-> Use the Federal Reserve as a money printer to reverse “social inequity” that is occurring throughout America

-> Most people prefer to vote on the side of morality and justice and these policies are guised as such. Although the outcome is often very different than the supposed moral victory at the start. Which has certainly been demonstrated over the years by our past/current government “social welfare” programs.

Less than 50% of Americans have retirement accounts and/or own stocks, property, gold, silver, Bitcoin or any other asset that could help protect their wealth from the inflationary tsunami that is coming..

We’ll be bamboozled to spend trillions on programs that are supposed to help the starving, suffering, and COVID affected but will actually just line the pockets of corporations, debase our currency, and greatly inflate asset prices.

After all the spending is done will it really benefit the average American?


It’ll benefit those who own large amounts of hard assets.

The current rich and elite that are already in place will get far wealthier and the disparity will grow wider.

Small businesses? Crushed from COVID.

Massive corporations that were failing… resurging and stronger than ever after COVID-19 regulations and laws often greatly supported them.

PPP Loans provided billions to companies during COVID who had an average of over 500+ employees..

The small guys got crushed.

Much more “fiscal support” to come from the Biden administration with Janet Yellen at the reigns.