Lucho Poletti Art: The Anti-Fiat Rebellion

(Last Updated on February 21, 2021)

Bitcoin was born from the fires of liberty and is fueling the evolution of monetary freedom around the world.

– A drunk hodler

Art is made to inspire and influence those who experience it.

Creative, artistic minds are the drivers behind the meme wars and iconic imagery of the Bitcoin culture we see today in 2020. Rare is it to see any social media post go without some form of Pepe the frog in the comments.. But truly in an age of fast clicking, super swiping, and non-stop viewing – does anyone stop to read anymore??

Art inspires others to explore ideas

Bitcoiners have had a LOT of fun attacking the powers at be in regards to the failures of government ran paper currency. 2020 has offered many examples of corrupt nation states devaluing and debasing their national currencies in response to economic mishaps like overspending, socialist programs, lack of investing in infrastructure and technological upgrades within the country, etc.

Central banks are pushing for more currency printing in response to government failures achieving continued prosperity and improvement for their people.. Venezuela, Iran, and Turkey are recent examples.

With increased knowledge comes increased awareness of just how difficult the financial fight in the U.S. will be heading forward. These past few years the quantitative easing situation in the U.S. has become more dire and COVID-19 pushed it over the edge by printing over $3 trillion dollars this year. Most likely a few trillion more to come after the presidential election.

People are concerned about the Federal Reserve and it’s private monopoly on the U.S. dollar.

Lucho Poletti’s art reminds us of our fight for hard money – trustless, decentralized liberty for your wealth.

Bitcoin maximists are constantly berating their “alt-coin” counterparts with the main foundations of Bitcoin and it is for a good reason. These are principles that stand the test of time, government after government, economy after economy. Money has been abused by those in power to deleverage their debts and artificially inflate assets which only increases the disparity of wealth between the elite and the lower class.



Censorship Resistant


Accessible to all

Peer to Peer

Sovereign ownership

From these principles we have seen a culture grow around anonymous privacy rights, anti-government corruption, fiat’s inflationary history, and sovereign rights of the individual. While much of this often borders along the lines of conspiracy or flat out humor, the Bitcoiner is fully invested in the belief that this decentralized monetary tool will deliver more freedom and financial options for any human being.

Unique art has grown from this passion for Bitcoin’s fundamental truths and it does not disappoint!

Every piece is a conversation starter

A fiat rebel against the mainstream..

Meet Lucho Poletti, one of our favorite artists in the community – he does an excellent job at meshing Bitcoin’s culture with art.

Friends, family, and co-workers will be wondering what that artwork is about, “does that say Bitcoin?”

The most recent Bitcoin art addition at
The most recent Bitcoin art addition at

“That’s rad artwork, who made it? What does trustless mean?”

Boom it starts!

What a great excuse to talk about Bitcoin..

Most of his works are excellent conversation pieces for the average Bitcoiners home. Tying in the near conspiratorial aspects of the Governments abuse of their fiat currencies by highlighting the pyramids, 3rd eye, and core culture elements. His pieces always give me a feeling of being a “fiat rebel against the mainstream”.

AudioVisual Art

A new collection that caught our eye released recently. Art that inspires through not only imagery but sound, motion, and feel. Looks like these could be an awesome addition for the #NFT space – maybe we’ll see more there from Lucho?

Quantitative Hardening AR Layer (artivive) from Lucho Poletti

I’m not sure how many Bitcoin collectors will prefer a “digital” art platform over a traditional, “physical” form. But certainly it seems like the right group to appreciate something creative that holds digital value over time.. haha.

May have to add one of these to the collection next.

“Quantitative Hardening” tells a story about the history of bitcoin’s monetary policy of constantly decreasing inflation. The opposite of the central bank’s Quantitative Easing, a.k.a. Brrr a.k.a. money printing.

-Lucho Poletti

Fully changing digital art

Direct from Lucho’s site:

There will be a total of 21 Collectors Editions for Quantitative Hardening,  each certified authentic on the BTC chain via verisart. #1-20 are all 60cmx60cm on Hahnemuhle German Etching 310gsm Black frame with 5cm matting & acrylic facing is optionalArtist’s choice of 5cm off-white textured matting, modern black frame, and a premium acrylic face offering less glare and non-fragility.

#21 Custom, specs TBD

“Freedom Money” tells a story about bitcoin as a fundamental freedom for society with individual animations for 4 fundamental freedoms and their relation to bitcoin and bitcoin’s history: Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and Money.

Checkout for some of the highest quality Bitcoin cultured art!

Lucho’s work is the type that you hang on the wall and friends ask questions about, “What’s that painting all about?” or “Bitcoin, wait what?!”