Mainstream Media’s Bitcoin FUD is growing stale in 2020

(Last Updated on December 7, 2020)

Tiring headlines full of FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, and DOUBT… Is anyone still listening to these naysayers?

“Don’t get caught up in the hype as Bitcoin hovers around $19,000”

The hype?!

While the majority of financial institutions and professionals are seeing the resiliency above $16,000 dollars as an impressive display of strength for Bitcoin especially since the all time high run of 2017 was a quick pump and dump in comparison.

The 2017 all time high was certainly driven by some extreme speculation and hype, but the devastating bear market and testing of all HODLER hands from 2018 to 2020 is certainly inspiring confidence.

Bitcoiners have been crushing it for over a decade, smashing all hurdles and steadily plodding forward.

The innovators and companies that are passionate have never stopped grinding.

But here’s CNBC telling you to “not get caught up in the hype” and then giving you surface level, no research or support, nonsense..

The mainstream media narrative is getting stale

Mainstream media’s attempts at devaluing, de-platforming, and destroying Bitcoin is becoming worn out and tired..

Shallow, baseless opinions are the norm.

No research. No homage paid to the genuine, decentralized nature that Bitcoin has – which NO OTHER coin will replicate.

Mainstream media sites lack originality regarding Bitcoin FUD

Today’s “Bitcoin News” Google Search brings up matching ‘forget bitcoin’ articles and directs users to XRP..

Kind of disturbing to see Bloomberg and CNN with matching “Beyond bitcoin” and “Forget Bitcoin” articles on today’s google search for Bitcoin News..

Why are they trying to deflect users from Bitcoin and into SHITcoins like XRP?!

Embarrasing that they claim XRP led the bull run when XRP is down MASSIVE amounts since its 2017 high with massive abuse from Ripple in spamming tons of cheap XRP out to clients in business deals.

XRP literally dumps on its investors to make money.

Bitcoiner’s have been smashing these shallow attacks with transparent knowledge for over a decade. Yet we still see the big news outlets pumping “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” into the cryptocurrency markets.

George at Crypto R US is attacking the same, baseless attacks from CNBC on his channel!

Let’s quickly look at a few of the common FUD attacks from the mainstream media.

Bitcoin is too volatile!

“Still, bitcoin’s surge hasn’t been without its trademark volatility – last week, it rallied to more than $19,000 before falling to about $17,000 per coin on Friday.”

ZOOM OUT! Volatility in Bitcoin is only seen in the day to day spectrum of trading – are you a day trader?

No, most of us do not have the time or skills to stay profitable and not lose all of our capital in any market trying to trade everyday.

If you are someone who invests with a low time preference then there is nothing more profitable than Bitcoin over the past 10 years.

  • Best performing asset of this decade
  • Proven returns even if you bought at 2017’s ATH
  • Dollar cost averaging has produced massive returns vs. traditional markets
  • Anti-inflationary properties help protect and grow your wealth while ALL national currencies devalue through inflation over time

It’s just a fad!

“Most advisors would caution clients who want to invest in bitcoin, or any other buzzy trend.

It can be easy to have FOMO, or fear of missing out, on the latest hot investing trend”

Over a decade of consistent growth parallel to Moore’s law theory of exponential growth per year. There has been consistent, financial evolutions and engagement with major institutional companies around the globe.

  • PayPal, CashApp, and other payment processors continue to onboard Bitcoin
  • MicroStrategy, Square and additional publicly indexed corporations utilizing Bitcoin as a reserve asset
  • Robinhood and major U.S. trading accounts onboarding Bitcoin and gaining millions of new users – mostly younger generations
  • CFTC regulating leverage trading and exchanges to help limit scams and gambling adding more legitimacy to the space

Bitcoin is speculative only, it’s just magical internet money!

“Bitcoin produces no earnings, it pays no dividends, it pays no interest, so it’s not really an investment in the traditional sense, it’s value is purely dependent on what someone else is going to pay for it in the future,” said David Oransky, CFP and founder of Laminar Wealth in St. Louis. “It’s very different than investing in stocks, where you’re investing in the future earnings of the company that produces goods and services.”

  • Genuine decentralization – access for all, community led, separate from government monetary systems that have historically damaged low and middle income classes
  • Anti-inflationary – there’s only 21 million Bitcoin which will protect and grow your wealth vs. national fiat currencies which are all inflationary over time
  • Censorship resistant – resistant to any political or corporate corruption which has greatly damaged the finances of citizens around the world
  • Trustless – blockchain is transparent and immutable financial transactions confirmed by all entities on the network
  • Time tested – 11 years of history defending and defeating all supposed attacks and consistently moving forward in growth and value

And to be honest, many altcoins deserve the FUD they receive and are under constant attack from Bitcoiner’s to help ensure newcomers to the space are not scammed or fooled into losing their investments.

Shitcoins are shitcoins..

But Bitcoin is BUILT on principles that NO one can deny.