Michael Saylor ($MSTR) buys $10 Million More Bitcoin and Announces “Bitcoin for Corporations” Conference in February

(Last Updated on February 1, 2021)

To most this $10 million dollar, “small change”, bid into Bitcoin barely raises an eyebrow when MicroStrategy has already purchased over 70,400 Bitcoins.

It’s not about the amount – but it shows that MicroStrategy’s treasury reserve strategy will include continued buying pressure on Bitcoin for months and years to come. While a few companies have conservatively waded into the game the majority of public companies are sitting on the sidelines.

MicroStrategy now holds 70,784 Bitcoin as of this recent purchase on 01.21.21

Total value at time of this writing?

70,784 x $32,269 = $2,284,128,896

A bit over $2.2 Trillion and massive gains for shareholders across the board as $MSTR has paralleled this growth.

You think other public companies are not paying attention?

The growth of $MSTR after investing in Bitcoin is pretty obvious

Regulator FUD and BS from mainstream media outlets may deter retail investors but rarely have a huge impact on corporate investor outlook. Especially when approached from a macro point of view.

Other public companies are taking notes and realizing that this may be a game shifting paradigm that will add a new monetary tool to fight inflation and preserve wealth.

But many of these companies are still not even in the game – most likely because they do not know how to proceed..

MicroStrategy to host “Bitcoin for Corporations” conference

Now they are getting an opportunity to learn from $MSTR on how to incorporate Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset.

Saylor is giving complete access to all of MicroStrategy’s accounting and legal knowledge that has guided them this past year. Corporations will get a transparent look into how $MSTR has paved the way and it will surely answer many questions. This will also help standardize the approaches used by corporations and help define regulations in the future.

Collaboration amongst public companies could evolve Bitcoin into a completely different asset than we’ve been used to trading this past decade. Plus we know that any large company holding cash reserves on their balance sheet have a growing liability. These ‘cash rich’ companies will need a hedge against inflation and rampant money printing from the Fed.

And this is driving companies to follow Micro Strategies lead.

Free access to all attendees of MicroStrategy’s “Bitcoin for Corporations”

What company wouldn’t want a free education on MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin approach?

Politics aside, everything we are hearing, whether it is conservative or extreme, is that we will need to continue printing additional dollars to prop up our treasury bond buying, government expanse, and stimulus spending!

Yellen and Biden are both calling for a big COVID-19 relief response and to act quickly with all the monetary power they have at there grasp now. This initial proposal would add another $1.9 Trillion in relief – about 25% going directly toward individual stimulus spending.

The only question will be “HOW LARGE” the monetary expansion is going to be the next few years..

Republicans and Democrats in congress will finalize an amount for the new relief bill by early to mid February. Many individuals think the spending amount will stay near the $1.5 to $1.9 Trillion range with the slight democratic majority helping sway votes.

In 2020 we already blew up our M1 supply by 21%, how far will the inflation go because companies with large cash reserves are going to need an anti-inflationary hedge and quickly!

The first quarter this year has investors and companies asking many questions about the U.S. economy.

-> How large will the first proposed $1.9 Trillion stimulus package actually be when passed through congress?

-> Is the vaccine working as intended? New multiple strains and low adoption/trust issues with delivery.

-> Is the 2nd stimulus package confirmed and how much stimulus could we *need* if the COVID-19 crisis continues all year?

-> Will Biden and Kamala also tack on student loan forgiveness and other social welfare programs that they got voted in on?

The amount of monetary ‘printing’ that will be needed to execute the above packages could add another 20-40% to our monetary supply this year alone.

Take all of this into consideration when deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Front run the corporations!