Mt. Socks review “Bitcoin Culture Pieces for the Feet”

(Last Updated on February 16, 2022)

Everyone in Bitcoin knows of the Mt. Gox hack!

What better name for a SOCK company?

Mt. Socks coldstorage pair with penguins and Bitcoin

I was only minimally affected by that hack in 2013 so it was a lot easier to laugh and joke about it now. For many, the Mt. Gox hacking incident was a HUGE loss and made them lose faith early on with Bitcoin resulting in the loss of many a modern day fortune.

Mt. Gox was by far the most infamous Bitcoin exchange that was hacked in 2013 and lost over 850,000 Bitcoin. Many, MANY, early Bitcoiners used and lost tons of coins in that exchange hack, although some 200,000+ coins were recovered through various means and there is still legal action occurring today.

The name is iconic.

The name “Mt. Socks” incites memories of Bitcoins checkered past

The creative sock company’s wordplay on Mt. Gox had me instantly laughing on first sight. A few Tweets about the cool Bitcoin styled socks had caught my eye and quickly I was enamored with the comedy of it all. The sock company named “Mt. Socks” ties into our shared past and instantly ignites tons of memories whether good or bad.

Mt. Socks does a great job of representing Bitcoin’s culture and historic events through woven artistry for the feet.

The short, but volatile history of the planet’s first, genuinely decentralized digital asset has been nothing short of spectacular. From mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto, to the tributes and trials of the many participants, the incredible surges in price and dumps, the borderless, cryptographic energy that is hurling through millions of nodes and miners throughout the planet creating the stronger computer network alive today.

We are all part of the crypto ecosystem and have our varying beliefs but we all have a shared history marked by financial revolution, technical innovation, geniuses, hackers, financail gurus, scammers, exploits, trading savants, and memecoin legends. These need to be remembered and celebrated and a pair of socks isn’t a bad way of doing that.

Each pair of Mt. Socks tells a story

“Bitcoin has many defining historical moments, including Bitcoin Pizza Day – the legendary day that the first known Bitcoin transaction for a consumer product was made.

Our Bitcoin Pizza Day sock commemorates the time that a Florida man, Laszlo Hanyecz, offered to pay for two large pizzas with Bitcoin on the BitcoinTalk forum. A few days later on May 22 2010 he commented back on his thread: “I just want to report that I successfully traded 10,000 bitcoins for pizza”.

Laszlo, or “Bitcoin Pizza Guy” as he’s been dubbed, paid Jeremy “jercos” Sturdivant in Bitcoin for two Papa John’s pizzas. By today’s Bitcoin price ($6-$7k), those pizzas would be worth over $66 million!

The pizza purchase became a milestone moment for Bitcoin adoption and it’s been celebrated by Bitcoin enthusiasts every year since. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day – Bitcoin has grown rapidly over the last 10 years, with many businesses around the world now accepting Bitcoin as a payment for goods and services.”

– Mt. Socks Pizza Day Story
Original set of Bitcoin pizza day socks

Each Mt. Socks Pair comes with unique “Proof of Sock” validation card

These are some classic Bitcoin styled “business” socks for the formal wear or business casual attire. They’ve got tons of styles and the cost is fair based on the creative artwork and quality of sock you receive. The added bonus is some originality in utilizing Bitcoin’s message signing service as a sort of NFT like element by validating digital ownership by signature.

Proof of sock is a fun way to confirm ownership over the blockchain

The concept utilizes Bitcoin’s “Message Signing Feature” to show ownership

For every pair of socks we sell, we assign a unique Bitcoin address to them, along with a message (e.g. date of purchase and order ID). We use Bitcoin’s Message Signing feature to create a signature which proves MtSocks owns that address.

When you receive your socks, you’ll be given these details and can use them to verify the authenticity of your purchase. Check that they’re the real deal via your personal wallet or MtSocks by following the instructions below!

Mt. Socks

Incorporating a “proof of sock” verification through the Bitcoin blockchain messaging service?

You guys win.

This is a 100% Bitcoin Culture piece and I love em!

Each sock has been assigned a unique BTC address at time of sale with a message including the order details and time. This can then be signed through the Bitcoin block signature and validate the exchange of ownership from Mt. Socks to the purchaser.

Every buyer of an original pair of socks can validate their Mt. Socks authenticity through the Bitcoin blockchain.

The art of Bitcoin memes is reflected well in each pair

king of bitcoin meme socks

The themes are exactly what you would hope for – based off epic memes, digital cult characters, and historic events. From Lazlo’s Pizza Day, or the Honey Badger that “DGAF”, to the Rocket to the mooooon, or the cold storage HODLnauts that we all strive to be. Even though the majority of people barely understand what Bitcoin is, the artwork is cool enough to impress some. These socks will definitely create a few laughs and some general stir in the office, which is better than plain boredom and dulldrums..

Mix it up a bit and don’t be afraid to show your a Bitcoiner!

Legendary memes and historic events fill the designs of Mt. Socks

-> Bitcoin Pizza Day

-> Genesis block

-> “Death” to Bitcoin

-> Bitcoin not Blockchain

-> Cold Storage

-> Rollercoaster Guy

-> To the Moon!

Fun for everyone easy explanation cards

These socks are for the CULTURE – not sports performance.

Socks feel like the average, quality pair of socks from Nordstrom’s or your local Macy’s. Not super fancy but certainly not junk, these socks are well made and will feel great with some dress shoes. They aren’t going to blow anyone’s mind in terms of performance, but you’ll definitely gain some attention on the looks and artwork itself.

Wear them to work or to the lounge with some friends. Start a few conversations about digital assets and pioneering your wary to financial self sovereignty.

Bitcoin designs handsewn socks

Materials List:

-> Cotton: 75%

-> Polyamide: 20%

-> Elastane: 5%

Cotton, Polyamide, and Elastane material list

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