Original Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian joins the #Bitcoin Army

(Last Updated on January 29, 2021)

Alexis Ohanian joins the #Bitcoin army by throwing the hashtag in his profile today.

He is one of the original founders of Reddit.com – the largest internet forums online today with over a decade of history.

Reddit.com and BitcoinTalk were the online forums that fueled the explosive growth of Bitcoin and crypto into what it is. Although Reddit has become more corproate over time, I believe Alexis and the early founders believed heavily in freedom of speech, equal rights, and access for all.

This seems to be evident in the new projects like sevensevensix.com where tech leaders are “learning” from their past mistakes over corporate monetization through abusing users data and privacy.

He is joining Elon Musk and others in solidarity today as this tipping point explodes against the clearly visible institutional corruption we are witnessing with $GME and WallStreetBets traders getting “shut off” by Robinhood, Melvin Capital, and Capital 72 group..

Add that to the 23% growth of our M1 U.S. dollar supply in 2020 and a Biden/Yellen cabinet pushing for huge monetary support while claiming there is no inflation insight… Staggering possibilities here if we choose to go down this route of continued money printing, 0% rates, and asset inflation beyond recovery.

So another near 400K massive influencer and internet legendary account is publicly getting behind Bitcoin. An individual who has worked extremely hard their whole life developing some of the leading online platforms used by millions today.

This isn’t just a movement toward decentralization, it is a change in generational thought, a new paradigm that will enable individuals access and financial freedom outside of traditional and historically biased institutions.

Decentralized services will emerge as an answer to the recent problems we have seen on social media and online financial brokerage platforms.

We have seen censorship emerge as a real issue for freedom of speech and businesses.

Many people are tired of being discriminated against or held at unfair advantages due to limited access to financial services and systems. It just isn’t right for millions and millions of hard working Americans to always be “one step behind” the institutions. Whether we are talking high frequency trading alrgorithms to the many financially criminal scams these institutions run like JP Morgan’s “market spoofing” and more!

It’s BS and we’re tired of it – tech has the answer with decentralized platforms.

If someone decides to put a target on your business, you may just get “shut off” by your cloud host or server company..

Developers around the world are responding in kind and focusing on more decentralized and trust-less platforms. Technology always finds a way to level the playing field and the internet is leading the way towards open truth and open markets.

You can only resist it for so long until you get swallowed whole by the push of the digital wave.

He carries some major clout in the tech world as one of the original Reddit founders and current CEO at sevensevensix.com

The Seven Seven Six Motto stands to be a true testament of time – to be self-aware and recognize your failures and mistakes to be better tomorrow.

How will you incorporate this into your future and monetary values?

I’m having a hard time throwing away our daughters and sons futures for a quick buck today.

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