Satoshi Nakamoto BitcoinTalk: WikiLeaks and PC World Publicity Posts in 2010

Was satoshi getting worried that the media storm could bring prying eyes and scrutiny his way?

Certainly would make sense to me and his last few posts of 2010 seem to hint at that. The first year of Bitcoin had a small, self-improving community that was focused on increasing the technical aspects of Bitcoin’s code and remained in the shadows of the internet largely.

The events of WikiLeaks in December 2010 brought 100x the media pressure both online and on main stream television. This could have been the tipping point that forced Satoshi to fully disconnect from the project and fade into the mysterious abyss of the early internet.

Square Buys Another $170 Million in Bitcoin

With over 8,027 Bitcoin accumulated in 2020, Square is in a HUGE position for the future.

Square had continued buying Bitcoins through 2020 and will now be in a heavily profitable position for future growth in the digital space. A smart hedge to bolster against inflation and future dilution of the dollar. There stack of coins has grown immensely and being early to the game by investing last year has tremendously benefited them. The exponential possibility of expansion of wealth through Bitcoin will now form the foundation for Square moving forward.

This will greatly cement their place being involved in the Bitcoin space – smart move for the future.

Federal Reserve elects Pro-Bitcoin Sunayna Tuteja to Chief Innovation Officer!

Bitcoiners are rejoicing to see Sunayna Tuteja elected to Chief Innovation Officer at the United States Federal Reserve.

Not just a win for Bitcoiners, but great to see more women making big moves in our Federal Reserve. The Fed is modernizing quickly and we are all very interested to see how this evolution in employees may bring evolution of monetary policies in the future.

She is very knowledgeable about digital assets in general.

Bitcoin Market Cap Hits $1 Trillion in Historic Moment

Bitcoin has established itself as a globally recognized asset and is not going anywhere – but up.

This decentralized, “proof of work” powered cryptographically encrypted time storing chain of unique computer code is achieving goals faster and well beyond the scope of any human’s expectations, even those of Satoshi Nakamoto. There are very few individuals before 2008 who could even imagine Bitcoin’s true potential as a new modern monetary tool.

Bitcoin 101: Not your keys, not your coins!

Bitcoin is freedom and financial empowerment for the unbanked who have never had access to basic traditional financial banking infrastructure. If you have basic internet and a device as simple as a Raspberry Pi – you can access Bitcoin networks online.

It doesn’t even take a cell phone, as numerous studies have shown Bitcoin transactions can be sent and confirmed over something as simple as radio waves!

Miami becomes First U.S. City to Officially Support Bitcoin

Miami Florida has become the first U.S. City to officially support Bitcoin.

Mayor Suarez might be establishing the new silicon valley with major tech companies fleeing California left and right. Florida has policies that allow much wider freedoms in both personal lifestyle and businesses throughout the pandemic.

Be on the lookout for major tech companies of tomorrow being born in Miami today.

3D Print Review: The CryptoCloaks Coldcard Case “File factory” is a hidden treasure for the Bitcoin lover and 3D printing enthusiast. They’ve published a few Coinkite specific file drops including this 3D printed Coldcard case which is pretty dope to all the Coinkite fans out there.

The 3D printed case does offer some protection for the electronics from drops and other light damage.

Cheap and effective protection to print yourself.