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Gary Gensler concerned with decentralization of Bitcoin and illicit use, consumer protection coming for DeFi, ICOs, and altcoins

It is definitely unclear if the future will end up promoting the decentralization and financial self sovereignty in Bitcoin out of necessity. Right now we expect to see Bitcoin continue to be treated as property and uphold its genuine decentralization.

But it is clear that new regulation is coming for ETH, DeFi, and the altcoin armies targeting scams, frauds, and rug pulls galore!

The New SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, has a Long History with Bitcoin and Blockchain

Blockchain innovation that we subscribe to Satoshi Nakamoto is a database structure that is more temper resistant, harder to mess with it, but it comes with a cost. Secondly its this concept that you don’t have a central authority or central mediary, but naturally, do you really need the log and a block and consensus between multiple parties. And this question in finance, do we need a native token or currency?”