financial sovereignty

The Art of Self Custody

How to self-custody Bitcoin like a pro in 2022.

Not your keys – not your coins!

Taking ownership over your UTXOs is the only way to enable Bitcoin’s principles for self-sovereignty and have access to the network 24/7, 365 days a year.

Gary Gensler concerned with decentralization of Bitcoin and illicit use, consumer protection coming for DeFi, ICOs, and altcoins

It is definitely unclear if the future will end up promoting the decentralization and financial self sovereignty in Bitcoin out of necessity. Right now we expect to see Bitcoin continue to be treated as property and uphold its genuine decentralization.

But it is clear that new regulation is coming for ETH, DeFi, and the altcoin armies targeting scams, frauds, and rug pulls galore!

Bitcoin 101: Not your keys, not your coins!

Bitcoin is freedom and financial empowerment for the unbanked who have never had access to basic traditional financial banking infrastructure. If you have basic internet and a device as simple as a Raspberry Pi – you can access Bitcoin networks online.

It doesn’t even take a cell phone, as numerous studies have shown Bitcoin transactions can be sent and confirmed over something as simple as radio waves!

Bitcoin Blows Past $32,000 after a Year Full of FUD with BitMex, CFTC, and XRP Legislation

Bitcoin continues to rage against the machine. There has been a constant flow of FUD this year, with FDIC exchange regulation and SEC cryptocurrency litigation, NOTHING has been able to slowdown or stop Bitcoin’s takeover of the financial world. What kind of FUD has Bitcoin survived this year? Continuing to grow into the largest, trustless, …

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