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“Waiting helps you as an investor and a lot of people just can’t stand to wait. If you didn’t get the deferred-gratification gene, you’ve got to work very hard to overcome that.”

– Charlie Munger

Any cryptocurrency investor who has been in the space longer than one day.. has certainly seen some pumps and some dumps!

As a ‘value investor’ in the digital asset space, we know the only true advantage we have being young and with low capital is time. Time overcomes all hurdles and investing is no different. Warren Buffet is a huge proponent of this and recommends people get into the stock market as early as possible.

You will certainly make mistakes, unseen events and failures will happen, but if you give your investment the time to produce results over a period of decades the winners will greatly outshine the losers..

Risk management and diversity are the keys to your portfolio’s success over time – Bitcoin needs to take a % of that.

Stick with the plan – shoot for the moon!

Do not fear getting rekt.

– Sat stacker

For most us, the best route to “the moon” is holding our stacks longterm, dollar cost averaging, etc… basically living very boring on the investing side of things. There are a few key elements to being a true hodler. You must always control your own keys – part of owning bitcoin is taking responsibility of your financial choices. No matter how much, or how little, bitcoin will require you to manage your own wallet with a pin, passphrase, and password. Take your time, write things down, and learn before diving head on.

HODL “Hold on for dear life because Bitcoin is volatile as f***”

For those who HODL – there is great art that fights the culture war for you while you stack sats!

From cypherpunk paintings and weird 3D printed sculptures to pixel art and smart mirrors, there’s more art being created online in today’s modern age then ever before in human history. Here, we mainly focus on Bitcoin obsessed artworks that remind us of the over-leveraged, moon drunk meme culture that we all love. This pixel explosion is a great example of the rad pixel art that is happening inside cryptocurrency culture.

Not your keys, not your coins!

– Satoshi

Leaving your coins on an exchange is asking to lose them..

The entire point of Bitcoin and financial freedom is to be responsible for your own wealth and hard earned value through time.

The HODL Toolset List:

-> Cold storage – high security hardware wallets

-> Nodes – you own your own decentralized node, help improve the Bitcoin network and complete your own transactions

-> Hideaway keys – one fire can smoke your 24 word passphrases in an instant

-> Passphrase mixers – random dice and other methods to increase complexity

-> Biometric security – added 3rd layer of security to 2FA devices

There is no doubt that the hodl’rs toolset is growing year by year to ensure his or her moon ticket is secure.

We are all hoping for our investments to grow overtime, but sometimes you need hands of steel to survive the cryptocurrency roller coaster. Make sure you can secure those diamond hands if your gonna hodl for life changing wealth. Price volatility ain’t easy on your emotions and stress levels – make sure the other security issues give you peace of mind.

Hodl Nerd @ 2020 - All Pixel art is free for use

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Moonboy waiting in the dark until Bitcoin rises again!
Waiting for the moon..

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