Top 3 Bitcoin Podcasts for 2021

(Last Updated on February 7, 2021)

Christmas is almost here, holiday travel and a LOT of family time.. sometimes when you need new podcasts the most!

No ranking needed.

Just our top 3 favorite Bitcoin podcasts in no specific order or reason.

These three podcasts will enhance your financial literacy in both traditional and crypto markets. Great guests from macro economic legends and company founders to start-up driven entrepreneurs and low level fanboys. You’ll receive a ton of knowledge and a wealth of industry insight from the top and bottom. Helping keep you informed as an investor and supporter of Bitcoin.

Stephan, Marty, and Pomp each offer a different style which may appeal to different audiences

Every podcaster has their own flare and I’d say mixing it up is the best way to keep yourself updated. Can’t keep your eyes shut to the various perspectives around you – especially in an emerging technology like cryptocurrency. Podcasting is the perfect tool for helping transfer that insight which an investor can use to reinforce and question his/her own thinking.

Pomp, Stephan, and Marty do an awesome service to the community by breaking down these concepts for listeners to learn quickly and efficiently.

Bitcoin investments take conviction to be successful.

Increasing your knowledge about your investments will help you manage emotions, maintain a low time preference and gain confidence during periods of volatility to take advantage of low, crashing prices to buy in.

Don’t have weak hands because you are uninformed.

Some episodes are surely better than others, no doubt, but every episode holds gems of wisdom and experience you’ll likely grow from. That’s the best thing about the long format of podcasting – you get to meet each guest and these hosts do an excellent job at allowing their guests to express their ideals.

Diamond hands and long-term success are things made of research and conviction.

The Pomp Podcast

The cleanest look in Bitcoin podcasts – Anthony Pompliano has risen to the top as one of the premier podcasters in the cryptocurrency space.

His show is simple, honest, and to the point.

Pomp asks the tough questions and isn’t afraid of putting his convictions in Bitcoin to the test with his guests.

With a background in army intelligence, finance, and investing – Anthony Pompliano has the experience plus attitude to keep on the grind day in and day out. He’s been a consistent producer in terms of content and always stays on top of the latest news in Bitcoin.

He continues to bring on the biggest guests and speak authentically about economic issues, financial theories, and Bitcoin ideals. Rarely will you see Pomp get flustered or stray on tangents – he’s precision like with driving the conversation to gain knowledge about his guests viewpoints and beliefs.

Certainly he is becoming an industry leader for Bitcoin and one of the largest voices representing the community’s battle against financial corruption, socialism, and scams..

Some of our favorite episodes? Michael Saylor, Dave Portnoy, Raoul Pal, Sam Bankman-Fried

Anthony Pompliano is the co-founder at Morgan Creek digital and a leader on crypto Twitter. He’s a good follow for tweets that hold wisdom daily and is always in the lead on crypto news updates.

Tales from the Crypto

Hosted by the ever honest owl of crypto studies @MartyBent. He has a background in internet marketing and content creation with Barstool Sports and his talents have propelled him forward into the Bitcoin public sphere.

Marty Bent is a longtime, hardcore Bitcoiner who has developed a large audience through fun, technical to conspiracy theories podcasts that have a wide range of excellent guests.

His blog is excellent as well with over 800 posts and a wealth of Bitcoiner perspective.

Marty has a kickass blog as well

His podcasts have been built from a solid community and the chase for truth. He’s a no bullsh**, honest shooter and does not dodge tough conversations with guests.

Refreshing to hear.

He consistently has avid crypto industry participants on his podcast to discuss Bitcoin and other projects. Many of whom are not major CEO’s or Fortune 500 legends, but industry professionals grinding on specific cryptocurrency projects every day.

Dave Portnoy’s 2020 stock market “DDTG” explosion in popularity also helped propel Marty into the limelight and give him legitimacy in the space.

This one is best for the OG bitcoin enthusiasts who know about the culture, BTC maxi’s to pepe memes, and don’t mind some story telling along with financial insights and crypto theories.

So what are some of our favorite episodes? Dr. Saifedean Ammous, Adam Curry, Whitney Webb

Marty continues to grow his following and gather more cyber hornets to propel his podcast into the mainstream. Definitely one of my favorite listens and has me laughing a lot more than the average financial podcast.

Thanks OWLS!

Stephan Livera Podcast

With a background in Austrian economics and education, Stephan brings a great perspective to his podcasts that focuses on breaking down more detailed, technical analysis into fundamental thinking for the masses.

His library of podcasts is one of the strongest in tech, let alone only Bitcoin.

A genuine, honest voice in the Bitcoin community who is focused on attacking real world problems and setting out theories for what the future may hold.

This entire industry is built on innovation and tackling problems.

Bitcoin is solving a set of problems.

But what else is coming down the line?

Traditional economics are being flipped upside down as the digital age grows. Podcasts like Stephan’s give the masses access to leading thinkers on how Bitcoin (and other fintech) is going to develop and un-seat or find balance with the traditional systems.

Stephan’s guests carry massive star power and the conversations have an easy listening pace for those of us who don’t hold PHDs..

This recent episode with Niall Ferguson is an excellent example of Stephan’s podcast.

This podcast is an absolute masterpiece of thought in December 2020

Straight and to the point – the biggest names in the industry unpacking their ideas and beliefs.

His record is impressively stacked full of the BIGGEST names in tech, finance, and blockchain including Niall Ferguson, Jack Dorsey, Adam Back, Pierre Rochard, Elizabeth Stark, Michael Saylor, and Ron Paul.

What are some of our favorite episodes??

Follow Stephan for more insight into the blockchain community and some of tech’s best thought leaders. He’s amassed a strong community following of solid Bitcoin peeps.

Looking forward to a strong 2021 showing with many new topics to explore. I doubt 2021 will be boring if 2020 was any sort of a prediction.

The Bitcoin community is lucky to have these 3 leading podcasters heading into the new year!

Please follow and check out all of these podcasters to help increase support for our exploding community.

ADD to the comments any Podcasters YOU guys love!

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