Top Three FREE Bitcoin Data Sites for the Crypto Trader in 2021

(Last Updated on February 9, 2021)

Bitcoin is a beautifully open market that gives access to all.

No gatekeepers and no handholding – there has never been a more transparent and trustless market in history.

All the market data on a public ledger, research, form your own opinions, participate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Easily the leader in strategic Bitcoin data with an established history and trust in the community. We can be pretty certain that a lot of the institutional space is getting high quality data from them as well. With all of this happening Coin Metrics continues to grow at an astonishing pace while still offering many FREE tools for the public to use.

Massive amount of FREE data on their community data page for the average Bitcoin investor.

Correlation charts are a strong tool for investors to look back at trends and price movement during specific periods of time. This is often used to identify how Bitcoin handled certain events and tribulations through its current (yet short) life cycle.

  • Access to all of Coinmetrics community data going back to the start of Bitcoin
  • Powerful formula capabilities including customizing and editing your own
  • Detailed graphs that support simultaneous asset pairs
  • Easy to use interface for customizing charts
  • Multiple correlation types supported

You can review 100’s of various metrics that range back as far as the origins of Bitcoin. This provides a huge investment tool as you need to understand the cycles and perceived “volatility” changes due to time preferences and a fast moving digital asset.

I enjoy the historic data for helping build insights into what the future *may* look like. Of course we know history doesn’t always repeat – but it often rhymes. Investments are no different and being able to see how cycles rinse and repeat will help structure your entry and/or exit strategies for a market.

Hardcore data for the technical analyst or the long term investor.

The online charting tools have a wide array of metrics and execute quickly with limited lag or data load. I have been seriously impressed with how fast their site is in regards to pulling a decade of on-chain data for all sorts of metrics.

This is a site where I go when I have the time available to pour into specific aspects of prior years that I am interested in. It is not the best for a quick check and summary.

This is for the nerd in you, when you want to go deep on researching digital assets.

#2. The Block Crypto

This is the quick check crypto data site for me.

Excellent quick check tools for Bitcoin and Ethereum “on-chain metrics” such as transaction levels and cryptocurrency mining data. Very easy to get a quick look at how Bitcoin is performing and what is happening in regards to fees, mining capitulation, growing or slowing usage across the globe.

Also a very fast operating site that works in a more summarized format.

  • On-chain metrics for Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • BTC Markets: spot, futures, options, companies, and Grayscale data
  • DeFi data: stablecoins, lending, derivatives, DEX & non-custodial, assets
  • Alternative metrics: web traffic and social media

Why do you want to quick check transaction volumes and hashrates? On-chain insights help establish momentum in strength or weakness of the market. And because much of Bitcoin’s pricing and strongest support comes from mining groups which have base electricity costs vs. mining difficulty rates which some investors believe helps set the “floor price” of Bitcoin and ETH.

If you cannot be profitable mining, than you’ll need to sell additional crypto you’ve been holding, turn off your mining operations, or start selling mining equipment.

Easy fast analysis of spot prices and futures – including Grayscale GBTC!

Keep up on the DeFi space with their DEX and lending charts.


Top line – quick graphic charting is what Coin.Dance excels in.

This website is excellent for quick checking some of the more “fundamental” sides of Bitcoin investments. Looking at more of the demographics which may affect your investment decisions. Easiest to navigate but has the most summarized data.

Love to see how POORLY Bitcoin Scam Cash and BSV are doing in comparison to Bitcoin… Always makes me laugh when I first open the site.

There’s a wide variety of charts that explore a lot of areas of interest to any crypto investor:

  • Price metrics
  • Blockchain data
  • Legality
  • Nodes
  • Search volumes
  • Community demographics
  • Market cap
  • Engagement types

Personally I am often tracking the various search trends going on with cryptocurrency. It always allows you to see what kind of hype is happening and with what altcoin or product. Miner hashrates have proven important to watch over the years as miners need to “capitulate” if Bitcoin price gets below their overhead and utility costs to run the machinery. If that happens, big sell offs can occur.

Community involvement charts are interesting, helping define the generational gap, a lot of young people are getting heavily invested in the crypto world. You can track it through engagement types – tons of mobile apps and social media hype.

All of these sites offer more data than the vast majority of traders will ever utilize. But it is nice to be able to backup certain investment ideas and opinions with some metrics that either support or deny your beliefs.

Lacking confidence to enter the market?

There is nothing more you can do other than research and make informed decisions.

Never over leverage yourself and utilize a risk management strategy!