What is a Yat?

(Last Updated on February 16, 2022)

Yat = Emoji based website URL

Yat emoji url for "private keys to the moon!"

Humans have been using pictures to communicate for hundreds of thousands of years.

Emojis are the most widely used language in the world – crossing all languages and cultures, all ages and demographics.

Throughout the world people of all nationalities, cultures, religions, and languages, communicate on smartphones using emojis. I am sure that emojis are the most popular with the youngest generations today. Which may just set the stage for an excellent long term investment in scarce Yats.. or they may go to $0.

Currently in it’s alpha stage, Y.at has exploded onto the scene by taking this unique emoji approach to changing the URL domain game. And it seems to fall in line with the evolution of web 3.0 – interactive media platforms that greatly increase the user experience. It ties in directly with the world wide dominant use of emojis on our smartphones and works hand-in-hand with today’s NFT value hype.

Why would you want a .eth or some other cheesy extension when you can represent your digital identity with emojis?

They have an excellent, smooth, and fast UX platform that performs flawlessly and looks beautiful. This is something we know sets the tone for future investors and wide scalability – we’ve seen NFT platforms like NiftyGateway blow away the competition because no other platform has the user appeal, ease of navigation, and integrated ergonomics solution online. This is utilizing the best of web 2.0 architecture with all the digital foundations to launch into the web 3.0 world.

Yat's homepage setup

The UX experience is easy for the least technical users but offers a ton of allure to the most technical users who are already falling in love with all sorts of digital culture items from non-fungible token art to yield farming digital tomatoes..

I was impressed from the start and the idea of permanent ownership appeals to me. There were a ton of domain names I wish I had purchased ten years ago. This is no different where many silly emoji domains will never be resold – but a few may be worth millions to the right corporation or person.

Your Yat could be worthless in the future but it certainly has more utility than some random NFT moon animal..

The waitlist is open at Y.at

Emoji based URLs

Is this the future??

Probably not.

But it is a new and unique way for anyone who already has some domains, NFT art, and other online presence that can be shown off with a Yat.

I grabbed two Yats immediately for the HodlNerd website. I’m planning to use one for a quick profile page to include payments and such later on. While the second Yat I bought is going to be a permanent automatic re-direct to my main HodlNerd domain.

Why buy a Yat?

Original Concept + Digital Scarcity + Permanent Ownership = Winning

This Yat is now yours!

-> Ownership of a unique website address forever.

-> Emoji based digital reputation holder online.

-> No maintenance fees or additional costs.

-> Speculative investments on Yats that companies will want for future website URLs usage.

A Yat is the ultimate online flex.

Many investors are speculating based off the ability to take ownership over a scarce digital asset in the form of a unique emoji based URL. The shorter the emoji length, the more rare and expensive the Yat will be.

What can you do with a Yat?

-> Re-direct to a website URL that you already own.

-> Setup a profile for your digital NFT art collection, Bitcoin business or whatever reason you want.

-> Setup and use as a remittance profile for Bitcoin and other digital payments.

A lot of customers are looking to take ownership of rare, unique, emoji based domains, that they can use to display NFT collections, re-direct to a website or blog, and even accept digital payments in the future.

Yat Power-ups are growing

Looks like they will be introducing the customized payment remittance options and “power-ups” in the near future. Enabling Bitcoin remittance would be pretty rad for a lot of companies and individuals to use.

We’ll see what “power-ups” are once they release.

The HodlNerd Yat setup

Yats can redirect to a URL also

Right off the bat it made sense to grab 2 Yats for HodlNerd.com.

One would be used as a website re-direct for the main site with the second Yat being put to use as a profile page and will include a Bitcoin remittance setup once enabled. This will be for business transactions through my site where I may purchase art, website help, and other services to be paid through BTC.

The latest HodlNerd y.at acquisition below – Diamond Hands Hodl Cowboys.

Yat Diamond Hands HODL Gang
Diamond Hands Hodl Gang

Stumbled upon a great and unique combination of diamond hands and investor cowboys, so decided to snag it up for $8. This one will be used to list great Bitcoiner links such as the Strike mobile app, Bitcoin Whitepaper, and Lightning Network. Spread the love and invest in the community.

If you want to buy a Yat ask yourself these questions:

-> How many emoji combinations are out there?

-> What are the most popular, well known, and widely used emojis?

-> Who may want to buy your emoji domain name in the future?

Check out the official Twitter page for more information below

What is your Yat?